Character as moral fiction

Character as Moral Fiction
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Yet how strange it is that the dawn of the 21st century resembles even more than the early s the age of Petronius, the author of the Satyricon at the end of the Roman empire.


No characters are set up as straw men or foils. All are treated sympathetically and fully, regardless of their race, class, or sex, and this is precisely what Gardner meant by the process of a moral fiction. Like a shaman, the author inhabits the lives of all his or her characters in hopes of understanding them. He does not preach. He brings no pre-established agendas. He does not take sides. You might have noticed the absence of paywalls at Boston Review. We are committed to staying free for all our readers. Now we are going one step further to become completely ad-free.

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Lunt - - History and Philosophy of Psychology 7 1 Make me want to see it happen. Our characters are not fixed in stone. In order to come up with their list, they drew upon the help of over 50 experts on character, and poured over the writings of religions and philosophies worldwide. The Shiny New Engine says he is way too fancy to pull the likes of them, an example of elitism and arrogance. Aristotle stands at the head of this tradition, and he held that moral theory must take as its center a theory of the good man; he hence devised an elaborate conception of the virtues— those dispositions and traits constitutive of the good life for human beings. And I am grateful for references to good fiction.

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Alfano publishes new book "Character as Moral Fiction"

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Alfano publishes new book "Character as Moral Fiction" | University Center for Human Values

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Cambridge Core - Ethics - Character as Moral Fiction - by Mark Alfano. "The 'character wars' that have unsettled moral philosophy for the past decade or so have resulted not in scorched earth, but in fertile ground, nurturing a.

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