Language and the Cognitive Construal of the World (Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs)

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The atlas, which is complemented by a geodatabase with all data available online, integrates old and new methodologies for investigating diversity, spread and contact of language and culture in the agricultural areas of Eurasia, Pacific and Amazon. Smart visualizations like polygons and network diagrams are based on lexical, cultural and typological data from 17 language families and languages, both ancient and modern. All publications are concisely written, and carefully selected to ensure the highest scientific standards and latest insights from internationally respected scientists and editors.

This unique collection of linguistics handbooks offers all the information needed by students, lecturers and interested academics and gives a breadth of inspiration for future research. The Comparative Handbooks of Linguistics CHL collects specific studies enabling a cross-linguistic approach, with the empirical studies on various languages structured uniformly to make comparison easier. A typical volume examines a grammatical feature or construction across languages, offers a survey of that feature through in-depth analyses within the same theoretical framework, and formulates cross-linguistic generalizations.

The Handbooks of Japanese Language and Linguistics HJLL surpass all currently available reference works on Japanese in both their scope and depth, and provide a comprehensive survey of nearly the entire field of Japanese linguistics for the general academic community as well as for specialists in the fields of Japanese and linguistics.

Written with a forward-looking perspective, the Handbooks of Communication Science HOCS are a comprehensive summary of the field in the early decades of the 21st century. With the aim of integrating knowledge of communication structures, processes and techniques, the series is dedicated to cultural and epistemological diversity, covering work originating from around the globe.

In addition to general linguistics, the Handbooks of Linguistics and Communication Science HSK covers those areas which have developed in recent years from the increasing body of research into the manifold forms of communicative action and interaction. The Handbooks of Pragmatics HOPS series is a new landmark in supplying a widespread, but concise overview of the entire field. The series takes a broad view of pragmatics as the study of intentional human interaction in social and cultural contexts such as speech act and discourse theories.

This volume brings together two under-investigated areas of intonation typology. This book aims to fill this gap. Applied to the study of language, we perceive sounds, a superficial reality, and then we seek structures, the underlying reality in what we call phonology, morphology, and syntax. The papers collected in this volume reflect the research interests and influence of Andrea Calabrese.

Phonology; Morpho-phonology; Morpho-syntax;. In this handbook thirteen current approaches to syntactic description are presented Part I along with six studies on their metatheoretical underpinnings Part II. The goal is to facilitate a systematic comparison among the approaches.

All accounts address the same issues and are structured uniformly for an item-by-item survey across the frameworks. The volume is of interest for grammarians, philosophers of science, and cognitive scientists. Syntactic Theories, Syntactic Metatheories,. Reference Work, English, 3rd quarter Series Comparative Handbooks of Linguistics 3 Approx.

By Keith Brown and Jim Miller

This book develops a theory of the morpheme in the framework of Distributed Morphology. Particular emphasis is devoted to the way in which functional morphemes receive their phonological form post-syntactically, through the operation of Vocabulary Insertion. In addition to looking closely at syncretism, the primary motivation for Vocabulary Insertion, the book examines allomorphy, blocking, and other key topics in the theory of the morpheme. Series Interface Explorations [IE] 31 pp.


This volume deals with atypical demonstrative expressions from a broad empirical and theoretical perspective. It discusses various grammatical properties of such demonstratives that have not received adequate attention in the literature so far. By providing fresh insights and discussing new facets, it contributes to a better understanding of their syntactic multifunctionality, semantic feature specifications and pragmatic functions.

Demonstratives; Deixis; Determiners. Murphy, Leipzig University; E.

John R Taylor

Schlachter, Humboldt University of Berlin; T. Veenstra, ZAS.

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Collection, English, 3rd quarter Series Linguistische Arbeiten pp. The book discusses whether the participles in passive and perfect constructions in Germanic and Romance are syntacticosemantically identical or just accidentally homophonous. Based on synchronic data and some diachronic considerations, it is argued that past participles contain both diathetic as well as aspectual properties.

This allows them to alternate between passive and perfect on the basis of their event structure and syntactic environment.

Monograph, English, 1st quarter Series Studia grammatica 83 Approx. This handbook reviews a large range of different research and data collection methods used in pragmatics. It includes overviews of methods that rely on introspection and rational thinking; and it includes overviews of empirical methods, such as experimentation various types of production and comprehension tasks ; qualitative observational methods e.

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Jucker, Zurich, Switzerland; Klaus P. Schneider, Bonn, Germany. Reference Work, English, 2nd quarter This handbook surveys pragmatic competence in a native language, in a foreign language, and in language disorders.

Issues concern the acquisition and learning, teaching and testing, assessment and treatment of a variety of pragmatic abilities. Topics include the development of speech acts, implicatures, irony, story-telling, and further phenomena. Written by a team of world-class experts, this book explores the core concepts of sentential semantics and includes sections on questions, imperatives, copular clauses, and existential sentences.

It also features essential research on sentence types, and explains central concepts in the theory of information structure and discourse structure. Dictionary, English, 1st quarter Series Mouton Reader Approx. Explore the exciting research where semantics meets morphology, syntax and pragmatics, including the semantics of intonation, inflection, compounding, argument structure, type shifting, compositionality, implicature, context dependence, deixis and presupposition.

English, 1st quarter Discover vital research on the lexical and cognitive meanings of words. In this exciting book from a team of world-class researchers, in-depth articles explain a wide range of topics, including thematic roles, sense relation, ambiguity and comparison.

Language Cognitive Construal World

The authors focus on the cognitive and conceptual structure of words and their meaning extensions such as coercion, metaphors and metonymies. Gain a deeper understanding of essential research on the semantics of noun phrases and verb phrases. Clear explanations of significant recent research bring complex issues to life, with expert guidance on topics of debate within the field.

The book gives readers valuable insights into topics such as definiteness, specificity, genericity aspect, aktionsart and mood. It also discusses directions for future research.

The book covers core concepts relevant for the study of complex sentences and meaning in discourse, ranging from tense, modality, conditionality, propositional attitudes, scope, negation, questions, imperatives, copular clauses, and existential sentences. Furthermore, the key concepts in the theory of information structure and discourse structure are explained, such as topics, cohesion and coherence, accessibility and discourse particles. Now in paperback for the first time since its original publication, the material gathered here is perfect for anyone who needs a detailed and accessible introduction to the key semantic theories.

The book covers theories of lexical semantics, cognitively oriented approaches to semantics, compositional theories of sentence semantics, and discourse semantics. The book provides a broad, accessible guide to semantic typology, crosslinguistic semantics and diachronic semantics.

Coming from a world-leading team of authors, the book also deals with the concept of meaning in psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics, and the understanding of semantics in computer science. This volume presents cutting-edge research on the question of how we parse, interpret and understand language in more complex discourse settings. The challenge is to find empirical evidence on how information structure and semantic processing are related. Comprehensible answers are provided by showing how syntax, phonology, semantics and pragmatics interact and how they influence semantic processing and interpretation.

Information structure; pragmatics; semantics; language processing. Series Linguistische Arbeiten Approx. The primary goal of this series is to promote scientific knowledge of Chinese languages and their typological characteristics through the publication of high calibre linguistic research, based on empirical fieldwork, close analysis of the data and solid theoretical interpretations.

The specific objective is to reveal the great structural diversity found in Sinitic languages and to dispel many recurrent linguistic myths about Chinese.

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The authors involved in this series are all highly trained fieldwork linguists with a background in both typology and Chinese linguistics. The series thus aims to reach an international readership for the first time, given that most literature available on Chinese languages, up until now, has been predominantly written in Standard Written Chinese.

This volume intends to fill the gap in the grammaticalization studies setting as its goal the systematic description of grammaticalization processes in genealogically and structurally diverse languages. To address the problem of the limitations of the secondary sources for grammaticalization studies, the editors rely on sketches of grammaticalization phenomena from experts in individual languages guided by a typological questionnaire.