Prehistoric Rock Art (The World Heritage)

Prehistoric Rock Art Trails
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This exceptional event is Slovakia-wide, focusing on the preservation of immaterial cultural heritage but in the same time to be inspiration for the new generations of a designer, artist and the wide public who will make - or use the sustainable, slow design enriched via tradition. Through the activities, we will present also the European dimension - the manifold, rich world of folk art creation showing how the world of ornaments is strongly linked to the European art tradition, how individual features stand out and cover the traces of several historical styles.

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But the same time- the event will also point to the link with modern Europe via contemporary design because the inspirations from local ornaments in the work of local designers can be very interesting for whole European space. Where: Slovakia.

Priorities promoted: Community engagement, Education. During the 19th and 20th Centuries, Govan was the centre of shipbuilding on the River Clyde with "clydebuilt" a shorthand word for robust design quality and workmanship. Since the decline of the shipbuilding industry and their closure , Govan's dry or Graving docks have lain derelict. Private developers want to fill them in for high rise housing and retail.

A remaining shipyard operator on the Clyde wants to rekindle shipbuilding, reopening them as dry docks again. A local community campaign has been running for the last 5 years to rescue them for industry, heritage, learning and tourism. The grass roots campaign also wants listen to marginalised voices, incorporating existing heritage, wild life, ethnic minority groups who live near by. Let battle commence and may the best vision win!! Where: United Kingdom. Priorities promoted: Community engagement, Education, Youth oriented. What is the objective of the project?

The aim of the project is to identify, document, analyze, evaluate and interpret the intangible heritage of skiing on Pohorje. Pohorje is the most eastern part of the Central Alps. He also brought with them skis, soon the domestic boys started to make similar ones.

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Libyans need to understand the seriousness of their actions. These samples proved positive, indicating the existence of a prehistoric site. The number of existing figures is 70, 64 painted and 6 engraved. The Best in Heritage Return to main page. Modernism and Avant-garde movements The turn of the century brought new winds of modernity.

What is skiing on Pohorje? Skiing on Pohorje is a way of life.

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Early settling of the hilly Pohorje with farms in the Middle Ages has brought winter travel and snowboarding with "skies". Skye is a Pohorje term for walking in the snow with snowshoes and skis. Today, skiing is more than just a trip between eight farms in winter. It has grown into a cultural, economic and sports activity in Pohorje. Particularly worth mentioning is the way of snowboarding, which is at home in Pohorje and is called Alpine skiing skiing, and is carried out with indigenous skis made according to well-known principles, well-established and unfortunately forgotten knowledge.

Where: Slovenia. Priorities promoted: Education. Coordinator level:.

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Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in the Côa Valley and Siega Verde

Aziz Alhashi works for a magazine from Ghat, the region where the prehistoric site is located. The Tadrart Acasus site is an open-air museum. At that time, the tourist guides and foreign visitors were enough to keep vandals at bay.

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The paintings are damaged in two ways. First, some thoughtless people tag the rock faces with their name or the name of their gang, for example, not realising the consequences of their actions. But there are also those who use chemical products to remove the rock drawings.

These people act deliberately. Damaged rock faces. Photo taken by our Observer and published on Facebook by Rabsa Mag.

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The Tadrart Acacus desert has diverse flora and fauna. Therefore, many hunters come to the region and have access to the site. I think they are the people responsible for these acts of vandalism.

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The number of hunters used to be limited in the past; they were mainly residents in the region who knew of the value of these paintings. However, with the circulation of weapons around the country, everyone has taken up hunting.

Clearly, the responsibility for protecting the site is up to the state. The Libyan army is present in the region, but the terrain is too large for the military to cover, especially when their priority is to protect the borders.

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