The Double and the Gambler

The Double and The Gambler
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In the evening the scandal bursts. Baron asked the general to deprive of the place the daring "servant. On his part, the latter is resented by the fact that the General took responsibility for his actions: he is "a person legally competent. However, the general somehow is scared by the intention of the former teacher to talk with Baron himself. He sends to Alexei de Grieux with a request to leave his venture.

Seeing Alexei persistence, the Frenchman goes to the threats, and then passes a note from Pauline, which says him to stop. The "slave" obeys, but is puzzled by the influence of de Grieux on Pauline. Astley, who the hero reveals about what has happened, explains the matter. It turns out that two years ago Mlle Blanche has spent the season in Roulette burg.

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Abandoned by her lovers, without money, she tried her fate unsuccessfully on the roulette wheel. Then she decided to charm Baron, for which, on the complaint of the baroness to the police, was expelled from the city. Now, trying to become the general's wife, Blanche has to avoid attention of Vurmergelmov. Continuation of the scandal is undesirable. Returning to the hotel, Alexei in amazement sees on the porch grandmother just arrived from Russia, whose death in waited in vain by the general and French. This is a year-old formidable and rich landowner and a Moscow lady, in a chair with paralyzed legs, with coarse manners.

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Her arrival is a disaster for everyone, a direct and sincere, the old woman immediately denies the general with money for his attitude. The story of Alexei and Prussian baron she judges from the standpoint of Russian national dignity: "do not know how to support their homeland.

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  • The Double and the Gambler.

Disliked the French, she praised Astley. Wanting to explore the local attractions, the grandmother tells Alexei to carry her to the roulette, where in frenzy is starting to make bets and wins a substantial amount. General and the French are afraid that the grandmother will lose their future inheritance: they beg Alexei to distract the old woman from the game.

However, the same evening she is again in the casino. At this time the eccentric Muscovite loses all available money and part of the securities. Repenting her levity she intends to build a church in Moscow and commands to go immediately to Russia. But twenty minutes before the train she changes plans, she wants to win back. Alexei refuses to accompany her to the roulette table.

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During the evening and the next day the grandmother loses almost all her fortune. De Grieux leaves the town; Blanche knocks the general away, no longer even recognizing him when they meet. Out of desperation he almost loses his mind. Finally the old woman goes to Russia on the borrowed at Astley money. She still has immovable properties, and she calls to Moscow Pauline. In the evening Alexei finds in his room Pauline.

The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Free Ebook

She shows him a farewell letter to De Grieux. Between her and the Frenchman there was a connection, but without grandmother's inheritance prudent "Marquis" refuses to marry.

However, he returned General embedded fifty thousand francs - own money of Pauline. Proud, she wants to throw it in a face of de Grieux these fifty thousand. Alexei should get this money.

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The Double and The Gambler

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